Raincamp NYC: A Day of Firsts

RainCamp NYC: a day of ‘firsts'.

 •  The morning weather seemed to set the stage. It is 6am, the air is crisp and fresh, and I am standing in the dark awaiting the bus from Howell, NJ. to the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) in New York City. Traffic is already starting to build. I am excited and apprehensive at the same time about the day to come. You see, I've driven and taken the train into the City, this is my first bus ride and my first visit to the PABT. Of course I've picked a rush hour time to get my feet wet...

Confusion•  The bus ride is smooth and relatively traffic free one. I am seated in the front just taking it all in. It is a good morning and we are in the massive PABT building by about 7:40. I follow the others off the bus and down the stairs into the main terminal area. Wow! There are all kinds of people going in all kinds of directions. Most here are clearly experienced and know their ways well - scurrying to where they need to go rather mechanically. I on the other hand am in awe of the size and energy of this place and in need of direction. After a few minutes to take it in, and with the help of a Port Authority employee and some signage, I make it out to the street for the next part of this adventure.

•  As I exit the terminal onto 8th Avenue, I get another taste of the crisp & fresh morning air. The sun is shining now and the sky is clear. The energy of the City on this beautiful day is evident. I know where I am now and where I'm going. I note how even a little bit of familiarity is so comforting. It's going to be a good day.

•  The walk to the Marriott is a brief one. Once on the 5th floor, the RainCamp registration people were friendly, accommodating and genuinely excited to be there. So was everyone else! Inside our room, Bob Stewart was darting around handling last minute issues and making sure everyone who wanted to was able make their wireless network connections - like he had nothing else to do! Ben Kinney was introduced and sharing his knowledge throughout a fast paced, informative, entertaining and interactive day. Brad Andersohn provided a list of Realtor Tools (all Free) and moderated the Social Media Success Panel (Cindy Jones, Patricia Kennedy, & Sheldon Neal shared insight into why they are the leaders they are). Spencer Rascoff explained Zillow's Zestimate and answered a bunch of questions about Zillow. Wow! I find myself in awe again. These masters of Social Media and Social Networking are here sharing their expertise with me. There was so much information shared and it was all backed up with facts and numbers that made it interesting, understandable, realistic, & fun. It's starting to make sense. It felt good.

•  As if all the information, knowledge and camaraderie at the Marriott wasn't enough, the Platinum participants were treated to a lunch at either O'Brien's or the Pig & Whistle and then an ‘after hours party' at Latitude. More chances to interact!

•  After all that, I'm heading home feeling so much more comfortable. My day of firsts is over. As I walk The pieces are coming together!back to the Port Authority Bus Terminal for the trip home, it was a much less scary place than just a few hours ago. I find my terminal and know I'm in the right place. So much more makes sense. The ride home is time to sort out a lot of the things I've experienced today. While I am still barely a beginner, the new found familiarity is good.

•  Much Thanks to all that have anything to do with ActiveRain. You truly are a great bunch of people! The friendliness and support of all the ActiveRain people and RainCamp attendees is invaluable! Now, after several emails and phone calls from very supportive ActiveRain staff I am putting another first behind me: My first post as a RainMaker.

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Raincamp NYC: A Day of Firsts
RainCamp NYC: a day of ‘firsts'. • The morning weather seemed to set the stage. It is 6am, the air is crisp and fresh, and I am standing in the dark awaiting the bus from Howell, NJ. to the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) in… more